Curriculum vitae Prof. K.A. Vincent
Current Position
From 30 Sept 2013
Associate Professor of Inorganic Chemistry Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford, and
Tutorial Fellow in Inorganic Chemistry, Jesus College, Oxford
Previous Positions
30 Sept 2008
29 Sept 2013
Research Councils UK Academic Fellow Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford, and
Senior Research Fellow, Jesus College, Oxford
1 Oct 2007 -
30 Sept 2011*
Royal Society University Research Fellow Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford
(*Fellowship awarded for 5 years, but given up due to the terms of the Research Councils UK Fellowship)
Oct 2007 -
Sept 2008
Senior Research Fellow in Chemistry, Wadham College, Oxford
July 2002 -
Sept 2007
Postdoctoral Research Scientist with Prof. Fraser Armstrong, Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford
Sept 2003 -
Sept 2007
RJP Williams Junior Research Fellow, Wadham College, Oxford
Awarded March 2004
PhD (Chemistry) Elucidation of the Chemistry of FeMoco, the nitrogenase iron-molybdenum cofactor”
University of Melbourne, Australia (with Dr Stephen P. Best) and
John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK (with Prof. Chris J. Pickett)
1994 – 1999 Bachelor of Science (Hons) and Bachelor of Arts University of Melbourne, Australia Majors: Chemistry, Biochemistry l English Literature (First Class Honours received in both degrees)
2013 RSC Emerging Technologies Overall Winner with HydRegen technology
2012 Clara Immerwahr Award for outstanding research in catalysis
2011 Science and Technology Woman of the Future Award
2011 EPSRC INSPIRE Award for best collaborative project pitch at INSPIRE Physical Sciences Workshop, with 4 project partners across Materials Science, Physics and Chemistry
2006 Chemistry Department Merit Award
2003 Carbon Trust Innovations Award 2003 (Academic Institutions and R and D Category) in conjuction with Prof. Fraser A. Armstrong, for development of a biofuel cell involving enzyme-immobilized electrodes
2000 Rae and Edith Bennett Travelling Scholarship to fund a year of research abroad; used to fund a visit of 11 months to the laboratory of Prof. C. J. Pickett, John Innes Centre, Norwich
1999-2002 Australian Postgraduate Award for PhD study
1998 Professor Kernot Research Scholarship awarded for BSc. (Hons) thesis
Filed 10 October 2011 Vincent, K.A., Lenz. O., Lauterbach, L. “Cofactor regeneration system,” United Kingdom Patent Application No. 1116971.1.
2005 Armstrong, F.A., Vincent, K.A., Lenz, O., Friedrich, B. “Membrane-less enzymatic fuel cell”, British Patent Application, UK filing number PCT/GB2006/001333. (Discontinued at International phase)
Filed 13 September 2004 Armstrong, F.A., Vincent, K.A., Lenz, O., Friedrich, B. “Oxygen tolerant hydrogenase, British Patent Application, UK filing number 0420341.0. (Discontinued at International phase)
Selected Lectures
April 2013Plenary Lecture: XIX Brazilian Symposium of Electrochemistry and Electroanalytical (XIX SIBEE), Brazil, "What makes an enzyme an excellent electrocatalyst? - Mechanistic studies, and modular approaches to using redox enzymes for chemical synthesis"
April 2013Plenary Lecture: Johnson Matthey Student Conference, Loughborough, UK "Studying and exploiting supported nanoscale catalysts: from enzymes to metal nanoparticles"
December 2012Invited Keynote Lecture: International Meeting on New and Synthetic Bioproduction Systems, Hamburg, Germany, "Development of electro-enzymatic and hydrogen-driven approaches to NADH cofactor recycling"
May 2012Invited Lecture: RSC Symposium at Queen Mary, University of London: Oxidation and Reduction Inspired by Nature, "Hydrogenases: following H2-driven chemical synthesis and enzyme mechanisms by in situ FTIR spectroelectrochemistry"
Outreach work
2012 K. Vincent regularly speaks in schools as an RSC ChemNet Ambassador and STEMnet Ambassador. During 2012 she has given talks to school age students to promote careers in the Sciences, particularly for women. She was a panel member at Mulberry School for Girls 'Women of the World' Festival in March 2012, and a guide at the Big Bang Science Fair at Excel London in March 2011.