Kylie Vincent's Group
Department of Chemistry,
University of Oxford,
Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory,
South Parks Road, OX1 3QR

Kylie Vincent

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry and
Tutorial Fellow in Inorganic Chemistry at Jesus College Oxford

Kylie Vincent is a graduate of the University of Melbourne, Australia (BA/ BSc(Hons), Ph.D. (2004)). Her PhD research was conducted in the group of Stephen Best (University of Melbourne) and involved a 12 month collaborative visit to the group of Chris Pickett (John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK) supported by a Rae and Edith Bennett Travelling Scholarship. She carried out postdoctoral research at the University of Oxford with Fraser Armstrong from 2002-2007 and held an R. J. P. Williams Junior Research Fellowship at Wadham College, Oxford from 2003-2007. In October 2007 she took up a Royal Society University Research Fellowship in the Chemistry Department at Oxford University and a Senior Research Fellowship at Wadham College, Oxford. In October 2008 she was appointed to an RCUK Academic Fellowship in the Chemistry Department and a Senior Research Fellowship at Jesus College Oxford. She was appointed Associate Professor in 2013, and appointed to a full Professorship in 2017. Her research interests include mechanistic studies of small molecule activation in biology, and applications of enzymes in chemical synthesis. She teaches in Inorganic Chemistry. View Curriculum vitae.

Postdoctoral Scientists

Philip Ash

My research interests include the novel application of physical techniques to study problems with biological or technological importance. I am currently exploiting the potential of FTIR spectroscopy to probe catalytic states of enzymes immobilized at electrode surfaces.

Away from the lab I enjoy playing the tuba. Over the years this has allowed me to visit many interesting places around Europe, and Blackpool.

Holly Reeve (Project Manger, HydRegen)

Holly completed her Part II and DPhil in the group and has been responsible for development of the HydRegen technology over the last 6 years. She is now Project Manager and Co-Investigator on the Industrial Biotechnology Catalyst funded project that has been awarded to develop this technology towards commercialisation. Holly has completed a number of business and entrepreneurship training courses to support this work.View Curriculum Vitae

Jack Rowbotham

Jack completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Cambridge before moving to Durham for his PhD. His doctoral research with Phil Dyer and Chris Greenwell investigated the coordination chemistry of algal carbohydrates. Jack joined the Vincent group in April 2016 as a PDRA where he is currently working on the optimisation and application of immobilised metalloenzymes as heterogeneous hydrogenation catalysts (see the HydRegen project).

Miguel Ramirez

Miguel is a Postdoctoral Research Associate contributing to the development of the HydRegen technology. He is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin (BSc) and completed his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at Texas A&M University in 2013. Miguel works in the molecular biology and protein engineering efforts required for enzyme preparation, engineering and adaptation to the HydRegen technology. His research interests include the application of proteins for biotechnology and synthetic biology applications.

Lisa Thompson

Lisa is a PDRA in flow chemistry, contributing to the development of the HydRegen project. She studied for her MChem degree at the University of Edinburgh and then carried out her PhD research in the Institute for Process Research and Development at the University of Leeds. Her doctoral research focused on the combination of chemical and biological catalyst for chiral amine synthesis in continuous flow reactors.

Erin Dodd

Erin completed her PhD at McGill University in Canada, and moved on to study the ins and outs of biological signalling through NO in the labs of S. J. Lippard at MIT, N. E. Le Brun at the University of East Anglia as a Newton Fellow, and now in this group as a PDRA. With a mixed background in spectroscopy, synthetic inorganic chemistry, and even some protein work, she is interested in exploring the mechanism of the reaction of reactive N/O species with the [4Fe4S] clusters of bacterial NO sensor proteins using FTIR techniques.

Simone Morra

Simone obtained his PhD in 2013 from the University of Torino (Italy) and continued as a postdoctoral researcher in the group of Gianfranco Gilardi focusing his research on cloning, characterising and exploiting [FeFe]-hydrogenases for biohydrogen production. In 2016 he moved to the University of Nottingham to work on artificial metalloenzymes with Anca Pordea. In 2018 he joined the Vincent group as a Marie Curie Fellow to study [FeFe]-hydrogenases by advanced infrared spectroelectrochemical techniques. He is also interested in photography, playing the flute, hiking and reading.

Sarah Cleary

Sarah completed her undergraduate degree in biochemistry from Bates College (USA), and her PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Vermont (USA) in 2018. She is interested in developing green approaches to synthetic organic methodologies, and joined the HydRegen project in order to help scale up the batch biocatalytic hydrogenation reactions.

Renee Haver

Renee completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Amsterdam with a MSc degree in Molecular Design, Synthesis and Catalysis. She then moved to Oxford for het PhD with Harry Anderson where she worked on the design and synthesis of large porphyrin nanostructures. Renee joined the Vincent group in October 2018 as a PDRA to help develop multistep cascade reactions. Away from the lab, she enjoys long distance running and triathlon.

Research Scientists

Jake Nicholson

Jake joined the group as a Part II student in 2017. Following his sucessful project extending the scope of the HydRegen system, he has ro-joined the group as a postgradute research scientist. His research continues to look at new exciting applications of H2-driven biocatalysis.

DPhil and MSc Students

Tianze Zhu

I am a DPhil student at Jesus College. My research uses enzyme electrochemistry to study and optimise a modular system for recycling biological cofactors. My undergraduate degree was in biology, and I hope to explore more about my project at the interface between biology and chemistry. I am from Beijing, China. I am quite enjoying living and studying in Oxford now. I am interested in European history and architecture. I also like travelling, seeing different people and learning from different cultures.

HyunSeo (Ellie) Park

I am a MSc (by Research) student at St. Peter's college. My project in the Vincent group is about gas pressure systems of hydrogenases, and I am also involved in a joint project with the Wong group studying applications of enzymes in biotechnology. Before coming to Oxford, I did my BSc (in chemistry) degree at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST). I love eating (sweet) food, doing sports-especially figure skating, ice hockey and rowing-and playing music.

Ting Chen

I am a DPhil student at Somerville college. My research is about nitrogenase. I got my bachelor degree in the University of Birmingham and Beijing University of Chemical Technology.

Michael Posidias

Michael is a 4th year DPhil student at Jesus College. His research involves novel biocatalytic approaches to NAD+ recycling for selective oxidation of primary alcohols to aldehydes. The project includes a collaboration with Johnson Matthey Catalysis and Chiral Technologies and is funded by the BBSRC Industrial CASE Studentship scheme. Before coming to Oxford, Michael received his MChem in Chemistry with Forensic Science at the University of Leicester in July 2015. In his free time, he enjoy watching sports and films, especially psychological thrillers!

Justin Weeks

Justin (former Part II) is a current 4th year DPhil student at Worcester College.

Sophie Kendall-Price

Sophie (former Part II) is a 2nd year DPhil student at Christ Church. Her research involves the use of infrared spectroelectrochemical techniques in mechanistic studies of NiFe hydrogenases. In her free time, Sophie enjoys playing the double bass, eating Korean food and hiking around the countryside with her dog.

Xu Zhao

Xu Zhao is a 2nd year DPhil student at Exeter College. His work includes but not limited to the application of oxidoreductase and research towards scale-up of the Vincent group's HydRegen technology. He got his bachelor degree in chemical engineering at China University of Petroleum (Beijing, China) and his master degree at University of British Columbia (Canada).

Jiaao Wei

I am a 2nd year DPhil student at Merton college. I got my bachelor degree from Beijing University of Chemical Technology and University of Birmingham. My research in the Vincent group is about the mechanistic studies of NiFe hydrogenase enzymes and understanding efficient H2 oxidation in biology. In my spare time, I like to travel and do some sport and enjoy life in the UK.

Jiawen Zhang

Jiawen Zhang is a 2nd year DPhil student at Jesus College. His research involves the mechanisms of biocatalytic carbon dioxide reduction. He got his bachelor degree at Tsinghua University, and he got his master degree at University of Sheffield. In his free time, he loves basketball and PC gaming!

Barnabas Poznansky

Barnabas is a DPhil student at St Hugh's College. His research focuses on the use of the HydRegen technology in flow. Barnabas graduated from the University of Warwick in July 2017 with an MChem in Chemistry with Professional Experience. His MChem dissertation focused on the enantioselective synthesis of β-lactones with quinine derived catalysts.

Shiny Joseph

I am a first year DPhil student at St. Edmund Hall. I received my bachelorís degree in Chemistry from PSG College of Arts and Science, India and then completed my Masters in Chemistry from the National Institute of Technology, Trichy (India). In the Vincent group, I am working in the HydRegen project trying to efficiently recycle the biologically and chemically important cofactors needed for many industrially significant enzymatic chemical conversions. In my free time, I love to dance, go swimming, to travel and explore new places.

Wangzhe Li

Wangzhe Li is a 1st year DPhil student at Linacre College. He got his Bachelor Degree from Durham Univeristy. His research in the Vincent group focuses on NiFe hydrogenases. He plays for University Basketball in his spare time.

Yu Sun

Yu joined the group in 2018 as DPhil student. She got her bachelor degree from the North University of China, and her master degree from the University of Edinburgh. She focuses on research on nitrogenase in the Vincent group.

Part II (MChem) students

Nisa (Raja) Ashman

Nisa is a Part II student at University College. Her research involves studying [FeFe]-Hydrogenases by spectroelectrochemical techniques.

Amelia Brasnett

Amelia is a Part II student at St Anne's College. She is using spectroelectrochemical techniques to study [NiFe] hydrogenase variants.

Maria Ryan

Maria is a Part II student at Brasenose College. She is working on developing new chemo-bio-catalysts.

Former Postdocs


Simantini Nayak held a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship.


Matteo Duca held a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship, his research in the Vincent Group was at the interface between metal- and bioelectrocatalysis for the nitrogen and carbon cycles.


Lars Lauterbach worked on the HydRegen project for H2-driven NADH regeneration during 2012.

Former DPhil Students


Thomas Lonsdale


Kouji Urata


Ricardo Hidalgo Gonzalez


Gary Chang


Ian McPherson


Min-Wen Chung


Jonathan Quinson (joint with Nicole Grobert at Materials)


Holly Reeve


Daniel Grabarczyk


Pathinan Paengnakorn


Adam Healy


Zulkifli Idris


Juan Liu

Former MRes Students


Ceren Zor (joint with Nicole Grobert at Materials)

Former Part II (MChem 4th Year) Students


Jake Nicholson (Runner up Thesis Prize winner)

Ben Rackham


Sophie Kendall-Price

Katherine Page

Rachael Ng


Farieha Altaf

Matthew Burnett

Rebecca Shutt


Michael Ash

Justin Weeks


Benjamin Aucott

Eleanor Hall

Chloe Tomlinson

Ingvild Gudim


Ben Bluestone

Charlie Stevens

Jenny Bradley

Thomas Lonsdale


Tom Lyle

Lucie Dearlove

Thomas Bloomfield

Robert Spence


Charlotte McKenna

Henry Waite

Kate Simpson-Wells

Ian McPherson


Ean Ong

Holly Reeve


Adam Healy

Rachel White