Kylie Vincent's Group
Department of Chemistry,
University of Oxford,
Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory,
South Parks Road, OX1 3QR

Kylie Vincent

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry and
Fellow and Tutor in Inorganic Chemistry at Jesus College Oxford and
University Academic Champion for Women in Entrepreneurship

Kylie Vincent is a graduate of the University of Melbourne, Australia (BA/ BSc(Hons), Ph.D. (2004)). Her PhD research was conducted in the group of Stephen Best (University of Melbourne) and involved a 12 month collaborative visit to the group of Chris Pickett (John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK) supported by a Rae and Edith Bennett Travelling Scholarship. She carried out postdoctoral research at the University of Oxford with Fraser Armstrong from 2002-2007 and held an R. J. P. Williams Junior Research Fellowship at Wadham College, Oxford from 2003-2007. In October 2007 she took up a Royal Society University Research Fellowship in the Chemistry Department at Oxford University and a Senior Research Fellowship at Wadham College, Oxford. In October 2008 she was appointed to an RCUK Academic Fellowship in the Chemistry Department and a Senior Research Fellowship at Jesus College Oxford. She was appointed Associate Professor in 2013, and Professor in 2017. In 2021 she co-founded the spin-out company HydRegen Ltd, and took on a newly-created University role as Academic Champion for Women in Entrepreneurship. Her research interests include mechanistic studies of small molecule activation in biology, and applications of enzymes in chemical synthesis. She teaches in Inorganic Chemistry.View CV

Postdoctoral Scientists

Stephen Carr

Steve is a structural biologist with labs at the Research Complex at Harwell. We rely heavily on Steve's expertise in protein preparation and crystallisation, x-ray diffraction and other areas of structural biology.

Rhiannon 'Non' Evans

Non joined the Vincent group in August 2019 as a post-doctoral research associate bringing specialist knowledge of hydrogenases to the group. With expertise in redox enzymes, protein film electrochemistry and molecular biology & genetics, Non is primed to develop the hypotheses around hydrogenase mechanism, coupled with the development of in crystallo IR and spectroelectrochemistry. During her spare time she is actively avoiding injury to be able to one day run a marathon. View CV

Patricia Rodríguez Macía - Glasstone Fellow

Patricia did her undergraduate studies in Chemistry at the University of Alicante (Spain) before moving to Germany for her PhD at the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion (MPI-CEC) with Prof. Lubitz. Her doctoral research focused on employing electrochemistry and infrared spectroscopy to perform mechanistic studies on hydrogenases and bio-inspired synthetic catalysts. After completing her PhD, she joined Prof. DeBeer's group at MPI-CEC to work on carbon monoxide dehydrogenases and other metalloenzymes applying X-ray spectroscopy. Patricia joined the Vincent group in January 2020 as a Postdoctoral Research Associate to contribute to optimisation of immobilization approaches for metalloenzymes and to work on the development of infrared spectroelectrochemical techniques, and was then appointed to a Glasstone Fellowship in October 2021. She is a JRF at Linacre College. She loves travelling and in her free time she enjoys cooking and meeting with friends.View Web

Tim Sudmeier

Tim completed his undergrad degree at Jacobs University Bremen before moving to Oxford for a PhD in the group of Edman Tsang developing novel catalysts for the hydrogen evolution reaction and electrochemical ammonia synthesis. He is interested in using renewable energy to power the chemical industry and is now investigating metalloenzymes and their application in the production of fine chemicals.

DPhil and MSc Students

Sophie Kendall-Price

Sophie (former Part II) has just submitted her thesis and is waiting for her DPhil viva. Her research involved the use of infrared spectroelectrochemical techniques in mechanistic studies of NiFe hydrogenases.

Xu Zhao

Xu Zhao is a final year DPhil student at Exeter College. His work includes but not limited to the application of oxidoreductase and research towards scale-up of the Vincent group's HydRegen technology. He got his bachelor degree in chemical engineering at China University of Petroleum (Beijing, China) and his master degree at University of British Columbia (Canada).

Jiawen Zhang

Jiawen Zhang is a final year DPhil student at Jesus College. His research involves the mechanisms of biocatalytic carbon dioxide reduction. He got his bachelor degree at Tsinghua University, and he got his master degree at University of Sheffield. In his free time, he loves basketball and PC gaming!

Yu Sun

Yu is a final year DPhil student working on metalloenzyme mechanisms.

Wangzhe Li

Wangzhe is a final year DPhil student at Lincare College and he completed his BSc degree at Durham University. His research in the Vincent group involves studying NiFe hydrogenases via spectroelectrochemical methods.

Sam (Tin) Lai

Sam is a 3rd year DPhil student whose research focuses on the mechanistic study of [FeFe] Hydrogenase. He got his bachelor degree from Durham University. He loves to play basketball in his free time.

Charlotte Hancox

Charlotte is a 3rd year DPhil student on a BBSRC industrial CASE project with Johnson Matthey.

Maya Landis

Maya is a DPhil student at Jesus College and is part of the Oxford Inorganic Chemistry for Future Manufacturing CDT (OxICFM), and is jointly supervised by Prof. Nicole Grobert in the Department of Materials. Her research focuses on the implementation of biocatalytic synthesis in flow while exploring carbon nanotube supports. For her undergraduate degree she studied at Barnard College of Columbia University. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, singing with the Jesus College Choir, and occasionally some yoga.

Lucy Browne

Lucy is a second year DPhil student at St Peter's College. She graduated from the University of St Andrews in 2018 with an "MChem with Industrial Placement" - her placement was at Johnson Matthey in Cambridge which involved working on homogeneous hydrogenation of esters. After graduating, Lucy returned to work at Johnson Matthey as a Research Chemist, working on optimising various homogeneous and heterogeneous catalyst systems for commercial customers. Now, in the Vincent group, Lucy is working on the applications of NiFe hydrogenases. In her free time, Lucy enjoys finding new running routes and travelling (when possible!).

Peter Todd

Peter is a first year DPhil student at Hertford College. He carried out his Part II project with the Vincent group on H2-driven biocatalysis for the synthesis of pharmaceutical building blocks, evaluating the substrate scope of two alcohol dehydrogenase enzymes. His DPhil research will investigate the mechanism and applications of a hydrogenase enzyme and the scale up of biocatalytic amino acid syntheses. Outside of the lab, you're likely to find Peter down at Iffley Pool, rowing on the Isis or getting involved in film and musical theatre.

Zehui Duan

Zehui is a first year DPhil student at Jesus College. She is co-supervised by Prof. Vincent and Dr. Patricia Rodríguez Macía. She focuses on using advanced spectroscopy techniques to study the iron-sulfur clusters of FeFe-hydrogenase. She graduated from Imperial College London with a MRes in Plastic Electronic Materials. She got her B.S. in Chemical Engineering in Taiwan and was also an invited student in Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden). In her spare time, she enjoys debating and traveling.

Wong Kin Long (Chris)

I am a first-year DPhil student at Jesus College. I earned my BSc at the University of Hong Kong (HKU). My research focus is related to protein crystallography together with spectroelectrochemical techniques for NiFe hydrogenases.

Jiayu Peng (Adam)

My name is Jiayu Peng; I am the one on the left of the photo and my brother is on the right; we are twins. Before coming to Oxford, I completed my BSc in Pharmaceutical Science at Nanjing Tech University. In my free time I like to play games, basketball, watch some animations and live stream.

Sofia Helin

Sofia is a first year DPhil student at Linacre College on the Interdisciplinary Bioscience DTP. She studied at York for her MChem Industry, with a placement at Oxford NanoSystems. Her project focuses on optimising HydRegen enzyme systems and converting them into flow with industry partner, StoliChem. In her spare time, she enjoys first aid, weightlifting and German.

Alison Tam

Alison is a DPhil student at University College on the Oxford Inorganic Chemistry for Future Manufacturing (OxICFM) CDT, co-supervised by Prof. Andy Baldwin (and Dr Jack Rowbotham at the University of Manchester). Her project focusses on the synthesis of isotopically labelled biomolecules, using cofactor deuteration methods developed in the Vincent group. For her undergraduate degree, Alison studied Biochemistry at Imperial College London. Outside of lab work she enjoys crocheting, baking, and changing hair colours.

Tara Lurshay

Tara is a 3rd year DPhil student working on biocatalytic nitro reductions. She completed her undergraduate studies in Chemistry at the University of Bath and has spent time in industry, including at the Vincent Group spin-out, HydRegen.

Shoba Laxmi

Shoba is a 1st year DPhil student at Brasenose College from Singapore, interested in uncovering the intricacies of metalloenzymes, and working on single crystal spectroelectrochemistry for structure-function studies of nitrogenases. She obtained both her BSc and Masterís degree in Chemistry from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Apart from research, she loves travelling, does photography, dabbles in scrapbooking and is a big fan of F1. Currently, she is the HCR IT rep for her college and is part of the Brasenose choir.

Prasita Dutta

Prasita is a 1st year DPhil student. She is currently working on single crystal spectroelectrochemistry for structure-function studies of NiFe CODH, working closely with Stephen Carr. Prasita completed her bachelorís degree in chemistry from St. Stephenís College in Delhi, India. Besides chemistry, she is particularly enthusiastic about hitting a good workout at the gym, dancing her heart out on-stage or simply the fact that she is quadrilingual.

Euan Sarson

Euan is an OxICFM CDT DPhil student at Trinity College researching europium redox systems to image transient hypoxia. His project is co-supervised by Prof. Stephen Faulkner. Before arriving in Oxford, he studied for his MChem at Durham University, with the research for his master's thesis conducted at KU Leuven. Outside the lab, he enjoys keeping up-to-date with politics, cooking for friends, and grooving to groovy tunes.

Part II (MChem) students

Oliver Neville

Ollie is an MChem student at Exeter College. His project focuses on an unspecific peroxygenase enzyme. His main hobbies include sailing with the university at the weekends and solving his rubik's cube.

Former Postdocs

2017 to 2022

Miguel Ramirez was a long-serving PDRA on the HydRegen project.

2016 to 2021

Jack Rowbotham was a long-serving PDRA on the HydRegen project and has left to take up a BBSRC Discovery Fellowship at the University of Manchester.

to 2021

Holly Reeve wins the prize for longest-serving member of the Vincent group. During her Part II and DPhil research in the group, she developed the HydRegen technology. She then took on a Project Manager / Co-Investigator role on a major 5-year Translation grant from EPSRC/BBSRC/IUK under the Industrial Biotechnology Catalyst scheme to translate the technology to market. Under Holly's expert leadership, this project was a fantastic success, spawning new IP, numerous high-profile publications and new research directions. Near the completion of this project, Holly was accepted onto the iCURE programme, secured R&D funding and spun out the company HydRegen Ltd with Kylie Vincent as co-founder. Holly is now CEO of HydRegen Ltd, located at Begbroke Science Park.


Sarah Cleary joined the Vincent group after a PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Vermont (USA). She helped to bring green chemistry metrics to evaluate our HydRegen catalyst system and to develop new catalytic applications and reaction scale up in batch and flow. She has now moved into a role as Chief Scientific Officer at spin out company, HydRegen Ltd.


Koji Urata is a graduate of Oxford University, and his DPhil was a joint project between the Wong and Vincent groups, specialising in hydrogen driven biocatalysis reactions. Koji rejoined the group in 2019 as a PDRA, after a period working for Hawk-Eye Innovations. Koji has now gone on to Lab Management role.


Michele Ruggeri worked in the Vincent group on translating biocatlaytic processes into flow. He left to take up a postdoctoral position in Europe.


Adrian Barranco was a Postdoc in the group, working on chemo-biocatalysis. He is now a Marketing Officer at Biosynth Carbosynth.


Katrina Madden was a Postdoc in the group, working on biocatalysis for medicinal chemistry. She is now a Newcastle University Academic Track Fellow in Drug Discovery (School of Natural and Environmental Sciences).


Erin Dodd was a Postdoc in the group, working on nitrosylation of iron-sulfur proteins. She is now Assistant Professor of Bioinorganic Chemistry at the Universite du Quebec a Montreal.


Renee Haver worked in the HydRegen team on developing multistep bio- and chemo-bio cascade reactions. She has now gone on to teacher training.


Simone Morra held a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship and specialised in mechanistic studies of FeFe hydrogenases. In 2020, he was appointed to an independent Fellowship at the University of Nottingham, UK.


Philip Ash was a Postdoc in the group, specialising in spectroelectrochemistry of metalloproteins. In 2019, he was appointed as a Lecturer in the School of Chemistry, University of Leicester, UK.


Simantini Nayak held a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship and worked on operando infrared studies of the oxygen reduction reaction at supported metal nanoparticle catalyst sites. She then went on to work for ZapGo Ltd., and is now a Scientist at CSIR-IMMT, India.


Matteo Duca held a Marie Curie Fellowship, his research in the Vincent Group was at the interface between metal- and bioelectrocatalysis for the nitrogen and carbon cycles. He is now Development and Scientific Affairs Director at Quebec Centre for Advanced Materials, Canada.


Lars Lauterbach worked on the HydRegen project for H2-driven NADH regeneration during 2012. He now works in the Institute for Chemistry at the Technical University, Berlin, Germany.

Former Research Scientists


Jake Nicholson was a research scientist in the group, specialising in reductive deuteration strategies. In 2019, he started a PhD at King's College London in the group of Dr Alex Brogan.

Former DPhil Students


Shiny Joseph Srinivasan


Barnabas Poznansky (Barney)


Jiaao Wei


Ting Chen


Tianze Zhu


Justin Weeks


Thomas Lonsdale


Kouji Urata


Ricardo Hidalgo Gonzalez


Gary Chang


Ian McPherson


Min-Wen Chung


Jonathan Quinson (joint with Nicole Grobert at Materials)


Holly Reeve


Daniel Grabarczyk


Pathinan Paengnakorn


Adam Healy


Zulkifli Idris


Juan Liu

Former MRes Students


Ceren Zor (joint with Nicole Grobert at Materials)

Former Part II (MChem 4th Year) Students


Hazel Rycroft

Joe Addy

Zipporah Hodder

Georgia Stonadge


Yifei (Jefferson) Chen

Amy Lian

Asher Winter

Hannah Taylor


Simona Everts

Nina Jenkins

Sharoon Lassen

Saloni Pun

Peter Todd


Nisa (Raja) Ashman

Amelia Brasnett

Maria Ryan


Jake Nicholson

Ben Rackham


Sophie Kendall-Price

Katherine Page

Rachael Ng


Farieha Altaf

Matthew Burnett

Rebecca Shutt


Michael Ash

Justin Weeks


Benjamin Aucott

Eleanor Hall

Chloe Tomlinson

Ingvild Gudim


Ben Bluestone

Charlie Stevens

Jenny Bradley

Thomas Lonsdale


Tom Lyle

Lucie Dearlove

Thomas Bloomfield

Robert Spence


Charlotte McKenna

Henry Waite

Kate Simpson-Wells

Ian McPherson


Ean Ong

Holly Reeve


Adam Healy

Rachel White