Kylie Vincent's Group
Department of Chemistry,
University of Oxford,
Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory,
South Parks Road, OX1 3QR
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Vincent Group 2020-21
Vincent Group 2018-19
Diamond trip 2017
Christmas 2017!
Vincent Group 2017-18
Congrats Dr Lonsdale!
Congrats Ceren! MRes 2016
Vincent Group 2016-17
RSC Busking
Group lunch!
Hydrogenase conference 2016
Congratulations Dr Hidalgo!
Lab opening party for the IB Catalyst project - April 2016
June 2016 - Diamond
Dr Chang!
Dr McPherson!
Dr Quinson!
Dr Chung!
Christmas Party 2015
Vincent Group 2015-16
Catslam at TU Berlin, 2015
July 2015 - Working hard at Diamond
Dr Reeve!
Christmas Party 2014 & Dr Paengnakorn!
Dr Healy!
Unexpected leaving gifts from the Unicat cluster!
Dr Idris!
August 2013 - Diamond
Kylie Vincent and Holly Reeve presented the HydRegen technology at the
RSC Emerging Technologies Competition 2013
HydRegen was the overall winner!
Vincent Group 2013-14
Dr Liu!
Vincent Group 2012-13
Feb 2012 - Clara Immerwahr Award Ceremony, Technical University, Berlin.
LHS: Ulla Wollenburger, Kylie Vincent and Matthias Driess
RHS: Oliver Lenz, Lars Lauterbach, Kylie Vincent, Holly Reeve and Philip Ash
June 2012 - Berlin
Vincent Group 2011-12
Christmas party 2010
Vincent Group 2010-11
Kylie Vincent was the organiser for
"Inorganic Reactions at the Molecular Level" Conference
University of Oxford Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory in January 2009.
Vincent Group 2008
Christmas part 2008
Chiang Mai - our favourite
Demonstration of a fuel cell using selective enzyme catalysts
(Ralstonia eutropha membrane bound hydrogenase,
and Trametes versicolor laccase)
to operate a clock on just 3% hydrogen in air.
Initiation meeting for the
"Unifying concepts in Catalysis Excellence Cluster",
July 2008, Berlin, Germany.
From left to right: Oliver Lenz, Kylie Vincent, Ingo Zebger,
Peter Hildebrandt, Annemarie Wait, Marcus Ludwig, Baerbel Friedrich.