Kylie Vincent's Group
Department of Chemistry,
University of Oxford,
Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory,
South Parks Road, OX1 3QR
Vincent Group Photo Board

Vincent Group 2016-17
Diamond trip 2017
Christmas 2016 with Quiz Master Kathy!
Congrats Ceren! MRes 2016
RSC Chemistry Busking
Group lunch!
Hydrogenase conference 2016
Congratulations Dr Hidalgo!
Lab opening party for the IB Catalyst project - April 2016
June 2016 - Diamond
Dr Chang!
Dr McPherson!
Dr Quinson!
Dr Chung!
Christmas Party 2015
Vincent Group 2015-16
Catslam at TU Berlin, 2015
July 2015 - Working hard at Diamond
Dr Reeve!
Christmas Party 2014 & Dr Paengnakorn!
Dr Healy!
Unexpected leaving gifts from the Unicat cluster!
Dr Idris!
August 2013 - Diamond
Kylie Vincent and Holly Reeve presented the HydRegen technology at the
RSC Emerging Technologies Competition 2013
HydRegen was the overall winner!
Vincent Group 2013-14
Dr Liu!
Vincent Group 2012-13
Feb 2012 - Clara Immerwahr Award Ceremony, Technical University, Berlin.
LHS: Ulla Wollenburger, Kylie Vincent and Matthias Driess
RHS: Oliver Lenz, Lars Lauterbach, Kylie Vincent, Holly Reeve and Philip Ash
June 2012 - Berlin
Vincent Group 2011-12
Christmas party 2010
Vincent Group 2010-11
Kylie Vincent was the organiser for
"Inorganic Reactions at the Molecular Level" Conference
University of Oxford Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory in January 2009.
Vincent Group 2008
Christmas part 2008
Chiang Mai - our favourite
Demonstration of a fuel cell using selective enzyme catalysts
(Ralstonia eutropha membrane bound hydrogenase,
and Trametes versicolor laccase)
to operate a clock on just 3% hydrogen in air.
Initiation meeting for the
"Unifying concepts in Catalysis Excellence Cluster",
July 2008, Berlin, Germany.
From left to right: Oliver Lenz, Kylie Vincent, Ingo Zebger,
Peter Hildebrandt, Annemarie Wait, Marcus Ludwig, Baerbel Friedrich.